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About IBD Podcast 13 – Growing Up IBD with Brian Greenberg

Being diagnosed with IBD as a child presents special challenges for kids and for parents. Learn how Brian Greenberg of Intense Intestines Foundation dealt with a Crohn’s disease diagnosis at a young age and transitioned from being a child reliant on parents to help manage his IBD to learning how to manage it all himself.


2:15: Brian spent a lot of time in detention as a kid!
3:15: The hardest part of going to school with IBD.
5:00: Brian’s first resection: at 21.
7:00: Deciding to get an ostomy and what that meant for the future.
9:00: How an ostomy and a Ken butt made life better.
11:00: The misunderstandings that can happen when your peers don’t understand about IBD.
14:00: Why do people not just ask about why a person may appear sick?
16:00: How Brian manages to stay active with Crohn’s disease.
16:30: How being active can help with the mental aspects of coping with IBD.
17:34: Why distractions can actually be beneficial at times.
19:00: One of the things Brian has done that maybe is a little risky. But super fun.
19:40: How Brian managed an aggressive medication schedule in the 90s.
20:20: Brian’s experience in transitioning from parents managing everything IBD to him managing it himself.

Find Brian Greenberg at:
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About IBD Podcast 12 – Don’t Let IBD Ruin Your Day

Did you know that more than 70% of people with IBD have reported bathroom accidents (fecal incontinence)? Did you also know that only around 20% ask for help from their physicians? It’s a sensitive topic, to be sure, which is why I offer advice on how to cope with this problem and how to avoid it in the first place. If you’re struggling with this issue I have tips that you can use today but the best advice is to talk to your doctor about it (and I discuss that also!).

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About IBD Podcast 11 – Relieving Stress With Dr Tiffany Taft


How does stress affect IBD? We know that stress does not cause IBD, but it does affect the disease. How does IBD actually cause stress, and what can we do to balance our lives in such a way that it does not affect us in a negative way? I talk with my guest, Dr Taft, about how she advises patients with chronic diseases on relieving stress and the tips and tools that have worked for her and her patients in integrating a comprehensive stress relief program into daily life.

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