The Best Tweets From The IBDSC Twitter Chat: Pregnancy, Birthing, and Parenting With IBD

On March 9th, the IBD Social Circle held a Twitter chat to discuss pregnancy, birthing, and parenting as an IBD patient. I was the host, and Stephanie Hughes of The Stolen Colon was my co-host. Our featured gastroenterologist was Dr Edward Loftus, Jr of Mayo Clinic. It was a lively chat with lots of great information that I don’t want anyone to miss! Here are some of the best Tweets from the chat!

We start off with a question that’s on a lot of women’s minds: how will surgery impact your ability to get pregnant? Both Dr Loftus, and another friend to the IBD Social Circle, Dr Peter Higgins of the University of Michigan, weighed in on the question.

If you have a j-pouch or an ostomy, should you get pregnant? Myself, I did it twice (and I didn’t ask anyone if it was OK!), but here’s what Dr Loftus said:

One of my hot-button issues is cesarean sections (c-sections). Dr Loftus gives the answer on when it might be needed (and when it is not needed, which is most of the time!).

We talked a little about sleep as a parent — it’s in short supply, but very important for IBD patients!

And another big issue for people with IBD, is passing along the disease. Most people with IBD don’t have a family member with the disease, but we know now that there are genes that code for IBD, which are activated by one or more “triggers.” Here’s more about IBD risk.

And — some reassurance for those of us who get a little freaked out over the “tummy aches” of childhood!

Another for the “good to know” category: pregnancy with IBD can vary widely, and about 1/3 of patients actually do better while pregnant. Unfortunately, there’s no way to predict who will feel better and who won’t ahead of time.

In regards to infertility, it’s best to get on top of it right away. If you’ve been trying for 6 months, see your doctor. For “healthy” couples, the advice is usually to check with a doctor after a year, but for couples who have IBD, the threshold is lower.

Here’s advice from some experienced moms with IBD!

And I end with the absolute game-winner for the Twitter chat!

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