IBD Moms March Twitter Chat

March IBD Moms Twitter Chat: Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby

What’s a Twitter Chat?

A Twitter chat is a way for Twitter users to gather together at the same time and talk about a particular topic. In this case, we’re moms who have IBD and we want to discuss how to be healthy enough for pregnancy. By searching for, or clicking on, the hashtag, #IBDMoms, you can follow along with all the posts using that tag. In this way, you can see the conversation and also take part.

What You Need to Know About March #IBDMoms

This chat is about being healthy before and during pregnancy for women with IBD. To see all the questions, follow the hosts on Twitter:

Follow the hosts here:
Stephanie Hughes: https://twitter.com/smlhughes
Julie Caron: https://twitter.com/ChronicallyJess

Follow the other members of #IBDMoms here:
Amber Tresca (me!): https://twitter.com/aboutIBD
Christy Stone: https://twitter.com/CrohnieBologna
Brooke Abbott: https://twitter.com/CrzyCreoleMommy
Sam Stevens: https://twitter.com/CyclingSam1

Get a Reminder

If you want a reminder about the time, you can respond to this Facebook event, and it’ll take care of that for you!

How to Answer Questions on a Twitter Chat

The hosts of a Twitter chat will pose various questions, preceded by “Q1,” “Q2,’ and so on. You can respond by either replying or retweeting the question and beginning your answer with “A1,” “A2,” and so forth. This helps the hosts and other attendees to know which question you’re answering. Putting the chat hashtag, in this case, #IBDMoms, in the Tweet will also help everyone to see your Tweet.

If you forget either of these things, no worries! The hosts and #IBDMoms special guests can help by retweeting your Tweet with the hashtag, or answering your Tweet.

If You Feel Intimidated…

It does seem strange, almost like walking up to a group of people and joining in the conversation. But it’s OK! You are welcome to join in at any time! You’re also welcome to follow along and read the conversation, even if you’re not moved to answer any of the questions. Tweeting at the host and letting them know you’re around, though, is a great way to make sure they know you’re interested and they can help you if you need it.

…Or If You Can’t Make That Chat Time

Here’s the beauty of it! You can come in at any time after the chat and continue to take part in the conversation. The hosts aren’t going anywhere, they’ll see your responses the next time they log in and the conversation can continue.

…Or You’re Completely New to Twitter

You can get started in 15 minutes by using these steps from my colleague Leslie Walker at Lifewire: Learn How to Use Twitter in 15 Minutes or Less

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