Healthcare Disparities in IBD

New Podcast: Healthcare Disparities in IBD

Healthcare Disparities in IBD: How Race, Ethnicity, and Sexual Orientation Affect Access to Care in Inflammatory Bowel Disease


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New Podcast Brings Attention to the Disparities Experienced by People of Diverse Backgrounds Who Live With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Patients, healthcare providers bring attention to the rising incidence of Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, across racial and ethnic groups

CONNECTICUT, Apr 5, 2021 — Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD, which includes Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and indeterminate colitis) affects people of all ethnic backgrounds.1 However, people from minority groups experience a disparity of care that can result in worse outcomes, including complications, lowered quality of life, and increased mortality.2

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Healthcare Disparities in IBD, a new podcast from the founder of About IBD, Amber Tresca, explores the reasons behind these inequities and looks for solutions. The limited series takes into account how the lack of representation in IBD research and clinical trials affects the care received by people of color and the LGBTQ community. Episodes focus on diet and nutrition, healthcare access, and legislation as they relate to IBD and the experiences of patients from diverse communities.

Guests include Aline Charabaty, MD, Director of the IBD Center at Johns Hopkins Sibley Memorial Hospital; Melodie Narain-Blackwell, founder of Color of Crohn’s and Chronic Illness; Selvi Vasudevan, MD, founder of Dr Selvi’s Keys to Ease Crohn’s; Cedric Pulliam, PhD, Senior Public Health Advisor at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Fasika Shimeles Teferra, MD, founder of Crohn’s and Colitis Ethiopia; and Brooke Abbott, founder of The Crazy Creole Mommy Chronicles and co-founder of IBDMoms.

“It’s a myth that IBD doesn’t affect people from diverse backgrounds,” Healthcare Disparities in IBD creator Amber Tresca noted. “IBD is a global disease. Recognizing that these conditions can, and do, affect people from all backgrounds is an important part of addressing the lack of appropriate care experienced by some patients.”

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About Healthcare Disparities in IBD

Healthcare Disparities in IBD is written, produced, and directed by Amber Tresca, creator of the About IBD Podcast, which focuses on a broad spectrum of topics of interest to those in the IBD community. Healthcare Disparities in IBD is a production of Mal and Tal Enterprises, LLC, in partnership with Cooney Studio. It was funded by a grant from the 2019 HealtheVoices Impact Fund.

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1. Molodecky NA, Soon IS, Rabi DM, et al. Increasing incidence and prevalence of the inflammatory bowel diseases with time, based on systematic review. Gastroenterology. 2012;142:46-e30. doi:10.1053/j.gastro.2011.10.001

2. Sewell JL, Velayos FS. Systematic review: The role of race and socioeconomic factors on IBD healthcare delivery and effectiveness. Inflamm Bowel Dis. 2013;19:627-643. doi:10.1002/ibd.22986


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