About IBD: Conversations on Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis with Amber J Tresca

About IBD Podcast

While everyone who lives with inflammatory bowel disease, or IBD, has their own story, there are major themes. Finding someone whose story is similar to yours is both validating and empowering. This is why Amber Tresca, who lives with ulcerative colitis and a j-pouch, developed the About IBD Podcast.

IBD is not only isolating but it also affects every aspect of the lives of those who live with these diseases. It touches relationships, finances, and careers. On About IBD, Amber talks to caregivers and people living with IBD to get their stories so that they can share what they’ve learned from their journey.

She also talks to healthcare providers and other experts to get their perspective on a wide variety of topics including research about IBD, improving relationships with physicians, becoming a critical thinker, and how to get involved with healthcare activism. Amber wants to give people touched by IBD the information they need to live a better life, as well as feel less alone while navigating the ups and downs of the patient journey.

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