Out of the Box Strategies for Self-Care and Stress Relief

Out of the Box Strategies for Self-Care and Stress Relief

Whenever we think of stress relief and self-care, the same ideas seem to come up. You’ve seen the articles, and I’ve written my share of them. Meditation, mindfulness, hydration, engaging in exercise, and getting enough sleep usually top the list. These things are good ideas, of course, and they do work.

The downside to this is that people have found a way to monetize stress relief and self-care. (Hydroflasks and Stanley cups, anyone?) We can pay for apps, spa days, supplements, self-help books, and day planners, among other things. However, it’s perhaps unrealistic to think we can throw money at the deeply seated problems in our lives and expect miraculous results.

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Making Crohn's Disease Funny - About IBD Podcast Episode 148

Making Crohn’s Funny With Matt Nagin – About IBD Podcast Episode148

We can hold two truths: Crohn’s disease is funny. It is also not funny. I speak with Matt Nagin, who has many talents, but we focus on his work as a comedian and actor living with Crohn’s disease. Our discussion focuses on how people need laughter and comedy in their lives. Yet, living with an illness like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), it can be challenging to find those comedic moments. Especially when most people don’t know what IBD is, and even among those who do, they kind of don’t want to hear about it sometimes. Get tips from Matt on how to form a sense of humor about illness, keep people from getting burned out on you, and think outside the box when it comes to symptoms.

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Amber’s Year in Books 2023 – About IBD Podcast Episode 147

What did you read over the past year? If you made a reading goal: did you hit it? The books I read in 2023 included biographies, fantasy, fiction, and romance. Plus, I had several authors who live with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis on the show this year, so I read their books as well. Hear more about some of the books I enjoyed in 2023, how you can hear more from authors with IBD, and ways that you can hit those reading goals this year.

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About IBD Podcast Episode 146 - IBD Connect With Lisa Fournier

IBD Connect With Lisa Fournier – About IBD Podcast Episode 146

A diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, IBD) affects the entire family. When it’s a child that’s diagnosed, it changes so many things and brings a host of challenges. Families experience many unmet needs related to IBD. My guest is Lisa Fournier of IBD Connect. Lisa is the mother of two children who live with IBD. Her experiences in helping them manage IBD at different stages in life compelled her to be a support for others. She worked with her local hospital to start a support group and eventually founded IBD Connect. Learn about the programs IBD Connect offers and how the community can support their important mission.

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Mental Health and IBD Why, Where, and How to Find Care

Mental Health and IBD: Why, Where, and How to Find Care

As anyone who lives with an inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and indeterminate colitis, collectively called IBD) knows: the digestive problems only tell part of the story.

Patients with IBD may feel isolated or lonely. It’s not common to know another person who lives with the disease when diagnosed. Plus, the signs and symptoms can keep people at home, where it’s comfortable and easier to care for oneself, and away from work, school, and socializing.

It’s rather a perfect storm for having problems crop up with mental health.

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About IBD Podcast Episode 145 - IBD and PTSD With Stephanie Brenner, LCWS, MSW

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and IBD With Stephanie Brenner, LCSW, MSW

My guest is Stephanie Brenner of Chronic Illness Psychotherapy. Stephanie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has experience in working with clients with chronic illnesses. She has also taken on a variety of roles in GI space, including previously serving on both the advisory team for the Pediatric Crohn’s Guidebook and the recruitment committee for the Rome Foundation’s GastroPsych organization.

Stephanie lives with Crohn’s disease and a permanent ileostomy and is also a cancer survivor. I asked her to help us better understand PTSD and PTS as they relate to having a chronic illness like IBD. She defines PTSD and why it can happen with IBD, what some of the signs and symptoms might look like, and what patients can do to address their mental health

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IBD in the Hispanic Community With Oriana Damas, MD - About IBD Podcast Episode 144

IBD in the Hispanic Community With Oriana Damas, MD – About IBD Podcast Episode 144

As an assistant professor of medicine in the Division of Gastroenterology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, and the Director of Translational Studies for the Crohn’s and Colitis Center, Dr. Oriana Damas sheds light on the misconception that IBD only affects certain ethnicities. Her extensive research explores the connection between of environment and genetics in the development of IBD, with a special focus on its impact on immigrants from Latin America. Dr. Damas shares insights into the challenges of studying the role of diet in IBD, revealing key findings from her research and explaining how her work is reshaping our understanding of these diseases

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Positivity Beats IBD With Josef Miller - About IBD Podcast Episode 143

Positivity Beats IBD With Josef Miller – About IBD Podcast Episode 143

What is it like to be a teen living with Crohn’s disease? If you’re like Josef Miller, you channel the challenges of the diagnosis and management of IBD into action. Josef has written a book about his experiences, entitled “The Purple Rose,” and created an initiative called “Positivity Beats IBD,” which creates inspirational cards for people living with IBD and other conditions. Learn about Josef’s journey with Crohn’s his multicultural background, and how and why he decided to write a book.

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About IBD Podcast Episode 142 - Saffron Cassaday - Designer $hit: A Microbiome Love Story

Designer $hit: A Microbiome Love Story – About IBD Podcast Episode 142

What options are you wiling to try to manage your ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease? How about putting someone else’s stool into your own colon? Fecal microbiota transplants (FMTs) — using stool from a donor to repopulate bacteria in the colon — are being studied for use in treating inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Filmmaker Saffron Cassady decided to try do-it-yourself FMT to treat her ulcerative colitis, using stool from the healthiest person she could find: her husband. The journey is captured in her film, Designer $hit, which explores both the science and potential behind FMT. Learn about why she decided to take a chance on FMT, how it has impacted her life, and where you can see Designer $hit.

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Coping With IBD While in Military Service With Dr Anish Patel - About IBD Podcast Episode 141

Coping With IBD While in Military Service – About IBD Podcast Episode 141

What do all the new oral drugs available for treating IBD have to do with military service? Being diagnosed with IBD might mean leaving the military for some service members. Part of the reason is that it’s not possible to be deployed while receiving a drug that’s an injection or an infusion. But when a medication works well and happens to be in pill form: that’s a game-changer. Dr Anish Patel, the Medical Director of the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center at Brooke Army Medical Center gives an update on how IBD is treated in the military, what he sees on the horizon for IBD, and his best advice for every patient living with a chronic illness.

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