GoodBelly Smiles At Me Every Morning

Recently the folks at GoodBelly contacted me and asked me if I’d like to try some of their products. Of course I wanted to try it — I’d seen it in the grocery store and had just never gotten around to giving it a try. I told them I’d be happy to try GoodBelly and they sent me some of their products.

I thought I’d try them and see how they were. I try new products all the time, but I don’t write about them unless I like them. I was not so surprised to find that I liked GoodBelly myself, but I was a bit surprised at the reaction amongst my family and friends.

GoodBelly Plus

Look how cute this is! Isn’t that just what you need in the morning? And it tastes great, too!

I just loved the Blueberry Acai Plus Shot. I actually did not know, before I tried them, that these products were dairy-free and vegan. This meant that they were good for anyone in my family to try! It’s rare to find a product that doesn’t contain any of my family’s allergens. And my family did try them, which was astonishing to me! My kids adored the bottles, and couldn’t wait to see the smiley faces.

“Mom, did you drink your drink yet today?” they asked me. Here I thought they were looking out for my health, when, in fact, they loved to see the top of the bottle.

My husband added the GoodBelly By The Glass to his morning smoothie. Not only did the Mango flavor fit right into his morning routine, but the Tropical Green also made its way into rotation. I think that surprised both of us!

I talked to neighbors, friends, and even other bloggers about GoodBelly. I mentioned how I received some samples and was giving them a try. Everyone I talked to was excited about GoodBelly! In fact, some had tried it on their own, and I had no idea they were loving the products. We talked about favorite flavors. Kids, teens, and adults were all drinking GoodBelly, usually in the morning with breakfast, or maybe in the afternoon with a snack.

In case you don’t know, GoodBelly contains probiotics. That’s a big buzz word today, and probiotics may be helpful in managing various digestive concerns.

I liked everything right out of the package, but wait, there’s more! I asked the folks at GoodBelly about how we can put better food in our bodies. And guess what? They have a bunch of recipes available too! You can get them here:

I dare you not to drool over my favorite: Dark Chococado Pudding

So I welcome you to put a smile into your morning, too. I’m so glad GoodBelly contacted me, or I might still be wondering about their products. Now I know, and I’m so glad I do!

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