About IBD Podcast 20 – This Is Just the Beginning with Michael Tresca

Take a journey back to 1999, when cellphones were a rarity, dial-up internet access was still in use, and Amber had her first surgery of the 2-step j-pouch process. Amber’s husband Mike, a writer and communicator, journaled his thoughts on the day of the surgery. This journal was recently uncovered and Amber reads it to Mike and gets his reactions and further recollections of that challenging day.

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You can find out more about Amber and Mike in Episode 8, where you’ll hear about being told surgery was needed and find out about their fairytale wedding:
About IBD Podcast 8 – Michael Tresca, Amber’s Husband

Conditions and procedures mentioned in this episode:

Before, During, and After J-Pouch Surgery

Central Lines: Why Is a Central Line Necessary?

What Are Precancerous Cells?

Pseudopolyps in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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