AIBD Episode 132 - RunPee: The App That Tells You the Best Time to Use the Bathroom During a Movie

RunPee: The App That Tells You the Best Time to Use the Bathroom During a Movie – About IBD Podcast Episode 132

Going to a movie can be a frustrating experience for anyone with a digestive or urinary condition. Not only are the bathrooms sometimes far from the theaters, it’s difficult to know when to duck out if nature calls. Enter RunPee. The RunPee app is designed to help moviegoers know when the best time is to use the restroom (a peetime) during a movie without missing any important scenes. The creator, Dan Gardner, discusses how he and his team choose the best times to use the restroom while still ensuring that users do not miss any critical moments in the film. Additionally, Gardner talks about the other features of the app, such as movie ratings and reviews, and the importance of understanding the needs of different demographic groups. 

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Amber Tresca  0:00 

Hi. I’m Amber Tresca. And this is About IBD.

Amber Tresca  0:08 

Hi I’m Amber Tresca and this is about IBD. I’m a medical writer and patient educator who lives with a J pouch due to ulcerative colitis. It’s my mission to educate people living with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, about their disease, and to bring awareness to the patient journey.

Amber Tresca  0:20 

Welcome to Episode 132.

Amber Tresca  0:23 

Have you ever needed to use the bathroom in the middle of the movie? Even if you don’t live with an inflammatory bowel disease, you have probably had this experience. 

Of course, I’m no stranger to needing a bathroom at the theater. But I really love movies and I don’t like to miss anything: especially if I’ve had to hire a babysitter in order to get out of the house. 

That’s where RunPee comes in. RunPee is an app that I’ve used for years, which tells me the best time to get up during a movie to head to the ladies’ room. But that’s not all. The app gives movie ratings, reviews, and a feature that’s really crucial to me, which is if there are any extra scenes after the credits.

My guest is Dan Gardner, who is the creator of RunPee. Dan shares some behind-the-scenes information about the app and how he and his staff determine the best times for bathroom breaks during movies. Plus, you’ll learn about our guilty pleasure movies and which films he gave A++ ratings.

Amber Tresca  1:25 

Dan, thank you so much for coming on about IBD I’m really excited to meet you.

Dan Gardner  1:30 

Oh, thank you so, so much for having me on. I’m really excited to talk about this.

Amber Tresca  1:35 

Yeah, I have been a lover of your app for a very long time. And so that’s why I asked you to come on the show. And I want everybody to use it. I want everybody to know about it. But first, let’s start by having you introduce yourself. Like Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Dan Gardner  1:51 

Well, my name is Dan Gardner, I’m the founder of the RunPee app, the app that tells you the best time to RunPee during a movie so that you don’t miss the best scenes.

Amber Tresca  2:01 

I love that truly, RunPee has changed my life. So I’m excited to hear more about how you came up with it and how this all got going. And I saw that you first worked in software development. So this makes sense that you would develop an app. But why RunPee what’s behind the development of this particular map.

Dan Gardner  2:28 

So when I started RunPee and I think anybody in their right mind, if they came to you to, hey, listen, I’m gonna build this app, it’s going to tell people the best time to Peter and movies that are missing the best scenes and it’s gonna, like change my life, I want to buy a house, I’m gonna buy a car. It just doesn’t sound like the thing that’s gonna make money. And you know, it hasn’t made a ton. But, you know, it has been my primary source of income now for about 10 years between 2010 and 20. And something happened in 2020. What was it?

Dan Gardner  3:04 

Yeah, yeah, the pandemic was not good for business.

Amber Tresca  3:09 

Sometimes when I’m watching a movie, that I’m not using the RunPee app, I might be at home or wherever. And I think to myself, where would I put a peetime in this movie? And often, I just really don’t know. Can you take me through that process? Like how do you choose a peetime you’re working while you’re watching this movie? So you have to not get lost in in the movie? Like, how does that all work?

Dan Gardner  3:37 

Really good question. So to answer your first question, we always sit in the back right corner of the movie theater. Because if you picture this, I’m holding my phone, in my left hand, I’m writing with my right hand. And I can kind of use my phone as a little bit of a light. So even if you’re sitting next to me, you, you won’t really be disturbed. And I usually have that seat reserved as well. But now I wanted to serve anybody so I’m not shining a light in their eyes or anything. And I also turn it down, it’s a black screen with dimly I just need to basically see what where the lines are. Not run off the page and stuff.

Dan Gardner  4:14 

Yeah, we’re watching the movie, we usually start around 15 minutes into the movie, we start looking for our first beat time, we’d like to find a beat time between about 15 and 30 minutes. Because if you sit through the trailers, which a lot of people want to see that and, you know, we go to the 30 minute mark, well, that’s, it’s the ish minutes that you’ve been holding it and that’s about time for some people.

Dan Gardner  4:39 

So we’re looking for our early peetime now. If we have to, we’ll make an emergency peetime. And so obviously, not all peptides are created equally. Sometimes you’re in a scene and it’s like, oh, this is great. They’re they’re moving from one place to another. We’re seeing this long transition of thriving or something like that. There’s not a lot of dialogue there. No, no new characters are introduced, which is usually the hardest thing about the first few time is early in the movie, you’re meeting the new characters is like, Oh, I’ve got a good time here. I’m a minute and a half, I’m at two minutes and Oh, new character. Well, crap. Scratch that out and start looking at it, because you can’t introduce them in a pee time.

Dan Gardner  5:23 

That’s generally what we’re looking for. And if we have to, we’ll say like, okay, there just isn’t a good peetime before 30 minutes. So here’s this one. You know, it’s three half minutes long. Unfortunately, a new character is introduced, we think this is an emergency peetime we don’t use this unless you have to use it. We try to find one recommended peetime in each movie.

Amber Tresca  5:47 

Right. As you were explaining that I’m thinking to myself, has anyone ever approached you has a filmmaker ever approached you and said, I disagree with a peetime? Or why are you segmenting my movie in this way? Have you ever gotten any feedback like that?

Dan Gardner  6:04 

I haven’t. I’ve because I do know that some Hollywood people, like, I know Anne Hathaway uses the app. I guess I know that she uses it now. But I know she’s she’s spoken publicly about it. And she has a process of talking about it. She mentioned that she mentioned that the Hugh Jackman and Rashida Jones was interviewed once, and I think variety. And like they have a full page picture of her. And this little bubble. And the bubble says, my favorite app is to RunPee app. And oh, my God, we get downloads from that. So I know a lot of people in Hollywood do use it.

Amber Tresca  6:43 

That’s amazing. And you have no connection.

Dan Gardner  6:46 


Amber Tresca  6:47 

People who live with digestive or urinary conditions, for example, may at times, withhold food and drink in order to not have to go to the bathroom. I mean, I wish you had been around for the days of the Lord of the Rings, because I saw those movies, like dozens of times. Yeah. And I would, I would come out of it sometimes and be like, three hour movie, made it through. Didn’t have to get up. You know, but I had to manage my, you know what I was eating and drinking beforehand. So to not have to do that is really like it’s just a better experience. Nobody needs to be not eating or not drinking, right? Because they want to enjoy a film.

Dan Gardner  7:31 

Yeah, speaking of Lord of the Rings, and Peter Jackson, the director, it was actually in 2005, his remake of King Kong, which was a three hour movie. That was my inspiration, my personal experience with nearly having a first bladder because I did not get to use the restroom. And I, I had to go so bad at the end of the movie I was that’s all I could think about it. Like it ruins the end of the movie for me.

Amber Tresca  8:00 


Dan Gardner  8:00 

And as we’re leaving, it’s it’s opening the first showing opening day. There’s a bunch of people waiting to see the next showing. And I’m tempted to tell them, Hey, listen. In the middle of the movie, there’s the scene with some bugs, it’s really gross. Perfect time run to the restroom. You know, you can take care of yourself, come back and enjoy the last half of the movie in comfort. And you know, okay, I’m not going to first I had to pee really bad. So I’m not going to stop until a story. And you know, I’m not going to tell strangers in line.

Dan Gardner  8:33 

But I’m like, oh, you know, I’m, I’m an app developer. I can make a website for this. So, yeah, that was students five. I shortly after that, I got a job with Microsoft working at the Xbox division. And that kind of kept me busy for a few years. And then whenever I quit Xbox to become a freelance developer, that’s when I’m like, oh, you know, I need to build up my portfolio. You know, literally, I I wasn’t working I had time. Like I’ve been kicking this red peething around. I’ll just build that and I spent like three months, knocked it out learned a ton. And here we are.

Amber Tresca  9:31 

I want you to tell me though more about what’s in the app. And then also the other stuff that you have online because you still maintain the website. You also have a Discord server. One of my favorite parts of the RunPee app and I will say I turn it on every time we go to the theater every time we go to a movie, but I don’t always need to use the pee times. But something that I do use every single time is whether or not There is something after the credits. So that’s my favorite thing. But can you take me through some of the other offerings that are within the app? And then on your website as well.

Dan Gardner  10:10 

Right. Well, we do tell people if there’s anything extra. And there are other services out there, there’s another app that will be crowd sourced. That will let you know, but it gives you a thumbs up and thumbs down. And, you know, we watch all these movies. And so, for instance, in ants, man kleptomania, yeah, okay, well, it’s a Marvel movie.

Amber Tresca  10:32 


Dan Gardner  10:32 

And people have been trained, we know, there are extra scenes. But some people still get confused that there could be more than one. So in in quantum mania, there’s a mid credit at about two and a half minutes. So we tell people, about two and a half minutes into the credits, there’s an extra scene that goes on for a minute and a half, we don’t tell you what it is, we’re not going to spoil it for you, we will let you know if it’s if we think that it’s of any interest to see.

Dan Gardner  11:00 

So every now and then, if there’s just a really brief, like, you don’t need to wait 10 minutes to see, this 22nd Extra will just tell you what it was. And you can decide, but yeah, there was that. And then you’ve got a long credit sequence. And then at the very end of the credits, there’s another extra scene that is really important to the entire phase five of the MCU. And we were the only people left in the theater, for the last scene, like I guys what to do when there is another so okay, whatever you go, you’ll find out about it on YouTube later.

Dan Gardner  11:36 

One of the things we do is that is in that’s the only place we ask for your birthdate, and your Will we ask your age and your gender. And the reason we do that is we can also display information to you about your demographic. So you being a Gen X, or I’m not going to tell you exactly but Gen X or a woman, um, if you’re gonna go see a movie, and you go see the IMDb Rating is like a 6.1. So that’s not very good.

Dan Gardner  12:13 

You can go to RunPee app and go like, Oh, you know what, there is a bunch of teenagers that probably voted this movie down. I’m not a teenager, I’m a mature woman. And oh, look at this mature women around my age, they rated this movie a 7.8. Okay, that’s a pretty good number, I think of it go see this. So that we break it down by people around your age and your gender. So you can see if there’s a difference. And there’s often a little bit of a movement there.

Amber Tresca  12:43 

You know, Dan, you bring up a good point, because this is something that I’ve thought about over the years, especially in the pre IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes, or what have you. You’d get like a magazine, like you’d get entertainment magazine, and somebody will have reviewed a movie. I don’t think I’ve ever gone to see a movie or decided not to see a movie based on a written review by a person that I don’t know. But in any case, every so often, you’d have a person, for instance, going to see a sci fi movie, and it is very clear that that person just does not like sci fi movies. Why are they reviewing it?

Dan Gardner  13:20 

Right? You know, we also write movie reviews. And so this is something we’ve learned that’s very important is it’s very hard to do pee times for a movie that’s outside of your genre. So for instance, I do not like horror movies. Fortunately, I’ve got a wacky, crazy sister who loves them. And she does because for all of the horror movies, and there’s been an occasion where she’s had to miss for illness or whatever. And I’m stuck seeing a horror movie. And I’m literally like, I don’t like the genre. Like, I think this is a good time. But I don’t know why. So we do keep the target audience in mind as best we can.

Amber Tresca  14:01 

Yeah, I mean, that makes sense. I think before I had RunPee, I think that there were usually times that I would go to the bathroom. And this is gonna be a funny thing to say but like, like a love scene, like somewhere around the middle of the movie. If the if there’s if there’s a love story in the movie. There’s a love scene. And it doesn’t always necessarily move the plot along. So I would be like, Okay, this is my chance. Now I’m going to go to…

Dan Gardner  14:32 

This is your musical music montage moment, right? Yeah, yeah, those those are our favorites. Yeah. Here’s the music montage.

Amber Tresca  14:39 

Yes. Please keep it because it makes it very easy.

Dan Gardner  14:45 

Yeah. Yeah. How long are pee times you can subscribe and you can buy the Infinity people and if you really love us, you want to support us. The Infinity coin is not cheap. It’s 50 bucks, but it gives you full access to everything from Lifetime. And honestly, I’ve had people buy the infinity peecoin and send me money, you know, on Pay Pal and stuff. So, but anyways, that’s completely voluntarily if if you want to do that. But for those users, we know that that’s our core audience and we trust them.

Dan Gardner  15:16 

So I put in a button on the synopsis screen, because it tells you what you missed, then would say, Can you press this button when you sit back down? And we will track that? So we can kind of get a general idea of how long does it take people to go. And so from our data that we got back, we determined that it’s right around two minutes, and about 40 seconds, is the peak of when people can run to the restroom and back. And so you know, we try very hard to keep our pee times at least three minutes long. You know, sometimes we can’t quite get there. And it’s just dependent on the movie.

Dan Gardner  15:56 

But you know, we tried to go three, and preferably closer to four minutes in that range. So that, you know, if you had to go number two, you might make it back before the pee time ends. But you know, it’s better than better than nothing.

Amber Tresca  16:10 

Yeah, absolutely. Better than nothing. And I’ve been known to run  and know to run to the bathroom and get back.

Dan Gardner  16:22 

Yeah, always know where the restroom is. Yeah.

Amber Tresca  16:28 

Well, my audience for sure knows where the restroom is. And every place they go. And I’ve chosen movie theaters based, I mean, I’m lucky enough to have a choice of where I go to see a movie and actually which chain I would like to go to. And for sure, I will choose the one that has the easier to access bathroom, that I don’t have to then go back through the ticket taker for Instant Regret show. I mean, I don’t think that’s too common anymore.

Amber Tresca  17:01 

But when I was a teenager, and I was diagnosed young, so I was living with chronic diarrhea as a teenager, having to get up, go to the bathroom, and then be like, I just came out of theater for whatever, let me back in and you know, like, the worst, like the absolute worst. Like, I don’t even understand why they make it so difficult. In the in the first place, it’s gotten better. Yeah. But also that there that there really is no like, like, people’s bio breaks are just not taken into account at all. Like, you get your drink. And then for a quarter more you can have and I’m like, no, because I will have to pay a small fee. Like it’s just, it’s just silly. They’re selling you all of the liquid, but not making it easy for you to go to the bathroom at all.

Dan Gardner  17:48 

I would be delighted if someday a director who knew about RunPee added a peetime. They’d like, okay, you know what, we’re just going to stretch. You know, we know that. There’s going to be peetimes. So let’s just make this music montage. Stretch it out an extra 45 seconds. Nobody’s going to complain. You know, it’s going to be easy, breezy. That would tell me that I’ve arrived?

Amber Tresca  18:35 

Damn, when you go to parties…

Dan Gardner  18:37 


Amber Tresca  18:38 

What do you tell people that you do for a living?

Dan Gardner  18:41 

Oh, man, that’s uh, so there’s definitely times I avoid talking about RunPee. You know, because it’s gonna become the topic of conversation. Yes, for the next five minutes. And, you know, sometimes it just doesn’t feel appropriate. Or sometimes I’m just like, I just don’t, I don’t want to go here. Again. I’ve done this. And so kind of depends on my mood and stuff.

Dan Gardner  19:05 

Usually, it’s a friend who’s like, Oh, my God, you got to tell him what you do. Oh, I’m usually introduced, you know? Hey, this is Dan. Oh, yeah, he did that app I told you about RunPee. And then the questions. Sorry. I’m waiting for somebody to tell me about the RunPee app. Oh, this never happened. It’s it’s I’ve met people. I’ve met lots of people who have used it. But I’ve never been in the conversation talking about movies.

Dan Gardner  19:33 

And had somebody like, Oh, hey, I’m gonna tell you about this app called RunPee. I’m still just waiting for that. That’s gonna be like the I’m just gonna soak it up. I’m going to ask him questions. Oh, like, can you show it to me? And so I already obviously I’ve thought about this. I’m going to be like, Oh, can you show it to me and have a pull it out and like, oh, show me the peetimes and I’ll pick a movie that I’ve done.

Dan Gardner  19:56 

And so when we do the pee times it’s got the person Got a little headshot of like me or my sister or whoever did the pee times for the movie because it’s me and my sister who do the majority of them and be like, Oh, that guy looks just like me. And he’s got my name like, you know, I’m just like, dreaming of this day that I get to get to do that, but not yet.

Amber Tresca  20:20 

That’s hilarious. Well, it would be really good market research, you know, to have somebody take you through the app. Yeah. With them not knowing that you created the app.

Dan Gardner  20:30 

Yeah. I actually intend on doing some of that. here really soon, like, so one of the great things and something I think that there’s anybody out there who’s developing anything, a super important key is make it very easy for people to get in touch with you. Yeah. So if you’re using the RunPee app, and, for instance, anything extra. This is annoying, but sometimes there’s extras at some theaters, but not others.

Dan Gardner  20:58 

Oh, so we see a movie, there was nothing extra. And this is rare. But it does happen. Like it just happened to a movie a few about a month ago. And we get a user who’s like, yeah, there was an extra scene. So we go back into the app is like, okay, so it’s not consistent. And we can’t do anything about that.

Dan Gardner  21:19 

But there might be an extra scene in this one. But there’s a button right there. To, to send me an email. And in the app, it just, you know, lets you populate. It tells me which movie they selected. Are they looking at anything extra? All that’s in there? If you’re, if you’ve gone to the restroom, and you’re reading the synopsis about what happens? There’s a button right there it says, Do you have any feedback? And you can click it right there and say like, Hey, this is a great time. Thank you.

Amber Tresca  21:49 

Well, that does bring me to my next question, though, because I can imagine that there are so many things that you can add to this app, you’re probably hearing from people every single day, who are saying, Hey, can you put this in? Can you put that in? Do you have any new features that you’re thinking about? Or are you looking to crowdsource anything right now?

Dan Gardner  22:10 

Yeah, well, crowd? Well, we’ve got the poll. And that’s crowdsourcing. People have occasionally said, like, oh, you should have crowd sourced the pee times and like, yeah, that doesn’t work. We actually try that right off the bat. And what we get is 99% Oh, this movie starts you can just go pee anytime. You know, I’m going to be honest, it was all men. No, no woman has ever told us that. But yeah, a lot of men Oh, this movie sucked. You should just go any old time. Like, you know, we have to be respectful. No matter how bad a movie is, someone’s going to love it.

Amber Tresca  22:45 


Dan Gardner  22:45 

And so we do our very best to to look out for that person, depending on what the genre is, you know, what are they going to not want to miss? And, surprisingly, as subjective as you think this might think this is we get very little pushback on the pee times that we choose. Now we do get some, and we make it super easy for people to let us know that it was this a bad choice, but we could really count not more than one email a month. I think that is a negative like no, that wasn’t that wasn’t a good time. And they you know if they explain it, well, why and sometimes, like, three minutes before this would have been better. You know, that can be helpful in sometimes we agree with it’s like, yeah, this time sucked. But this movie just didn’t have a good peetime to it.

Dan Gardner  23:36 

You know, you know, you mentioned something earlier that completely forgot about it does happen. Every now and then. Don’t get wrapped up in a movie and kind of forget. It happened in a man named Otto. I really got wrapped up in the movie for a little while and forgot that I was doing pee times. Yeah, it’s rare. But you know, that’s a good, that’s a good movie.

Amber Tresca  23:59 

I never heard of it.

Dan Gardner  24:00 

Oh, that’s the Tom Hanks movie. Okay, I gave it an A plus plus, we get to give one eight plus plus review rating fuzzier for the staff here. And that was the first movie I saw this year. It came out in early January. Well, that’s it. Here’s the best movie of the years. The first one I saw I can’t give a plus plus again. Last year. It was Maverick. I saw a Maverick and was completely floored. Everybody was it’s actually the third highest rated movie ever in the RunPee app. People’s pool. And it’s just behind. Avengers, endgame and spider man. No way home. Oh, interesting. So Maverick blew everybody away. Yeah.

Amber Tresca  24:44 

I have to tell you something, Dan. I still haven’t seen Maverick.

Dan Gardner  24:49 

You know, I it’s just a good movie. It was just a pleasure to see a movie that is it’s full of so many tropes, you know? The jockey, the the hotshot fighter pilot and aged in this net, and it’s like, from a writing standpoint, they made the right decision. Just one scene after another after another. And Tom Cruise was phenomenal. He really I’m really impressed with his his work.

Amber Tresca  25:21 

Yeah, over the years. You know, he is in some of my favorite science fiction films, for sure. Hands down.

Dan Gardner  25:28 

Which one? Okay, Minority Report, Minority Report?

Amber Tresca  25:32 

Yeah, see this. This is where we get into the problem, because I can’t remember the names of the movies. I have an actual I have an actual, like a three ring binder that I keep track of the movies I do I write down the name of the movies. When we watched it. It’s got it’s got prompts in it, you know? So it’s like, tells me seriously, I will forget. Yeah, it’s all of that, because it has happened, that my husband and I both love movies. And so especially during the pandemic, but even before because I had kids starting in 2007. So there was a well, there were we weren’t going to the theater at all. Every Saturday, that’s our date night we pick a movie. And I can tell you, it has happened more than once. We get 10 minutes into movie, and we go, Oh my gosh, I think we watched this. And it’s terrible. It’s the worst. So but yeah, Minority Report. And then there was another movie, that it was like a time travel movie.

Dan Gardner  26:37 

Oh my god edge of tomorrow?

Amber Tresca  26:39 

Yes. Yeah.

Dan Gardner  26:40 

Edge of tomorrow. Where is the groundhogs was flipping back and forth through time?

Amber Tresca  26:45 

Yeah, that was yeah, that was.

Dan Gardner  26:47 

I mean, if there’s anybody out there that hasn’t seen edge, it’s tomorrow. Again, one of the best. One of the best groundhog movies I’ve ever seen. We’re time where the loop repeats?

Amber Tresca  26:58 

Yes. With the loop. Yes. Yeah. Because it can get tedious. You have to do it properly.

Dan Gardner  27:02 

Yeah, yeah, that movie nailed it. Yeah, absolutely. Right.

Amber Tresca  27:14 

RunPee is especially helpful for the MCU for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For those that aren’t nerds. super nerds.

Dan Gardner  27:22 


Amber Tresca  27:22 

Because especially with anything after I’m, I’m always shocked when an MCU movie ends, and people get up, y’all, where are you going? Like, we know, there’s going to be something I know.

Dan Gardner  27:35 

Oh, people, like I said, people are pretty well trained. But they left after the first one. Like, whatever.

Amber Tresca  27:40 

Yeah. I mean, I know, I’ve told people I, I’ve had that experience that you had leaving King Kong, and wanting to tell people like stuff I’ve had that I’ve been like, sit down, there’s more, you know, because it’s like, I don’t see, you sat through this whole movie, and all of that, and you’re not going to stay for what might arguably be the best thing. And then the thing that everybody will be talking about. And so you’re not going to be able to experience it firsthand, not knowing what it is, you know, it’s almost, you have to see it right then and there. Otherwise, you’re hearing about it secondhand. I know, for myself, I sometimes stay off of social media, after something that I have really been looking forward to, has just come out like, you know, like, every week with the Mandalorian. Because it’s like, I don’t want to know and then I’ll forget and log into Twitter and go oh, crap.

Dan Gardner  28:36 

You Yeah, right. I know. Yeah. Well, I mean, the good thing for us is we are seeing movies on opening night. Yeah. So there’s not a lot of that. But we also see a lot of movie trailers. Yeah. Which honestly, I could go my whole life with it never seen a movie trailer.

Amber Tresca  28:54 

I am not a big movie trailer person, either. So like, unless it’s something look like when this new Star Wars movies were coming out, when you know with all the Lord of the Rings movies, like for sure. I was so nerdy with the Lord of the Rings that I knew the movies that were coming out that the trailer was going to be ahead of that movie. Right? And even if it wasn’t something I was super interested in seeing. I went and saw that movie just so I could see the trailer. I mean, now they’re everywhere. So you don’t have to do that anymore. Yeah,

Dan Gardner  29:27 

that’s it. That’s that’s also different because I’m guessing you’ve read the book. So there wasn’t any spoilers in the trailers.

Amber Tresca  29:33 

I have read the book. And of course, I have to tell you that I read the book because I read the book. But yeah, and in doing also, oh, we can be friends. You’re not going to save your A plus plus until

Dan Gardner  29:43 

you’re bright. What have I done? This dude is my favorite science fiction book. I’ve I’ve read it maybe a dozen times. Yeah, definitely my favorite and really I’m super impressed with Denny. Man dude is really tough material. It could have been three movies easily.

Amber Tresca  30:09 

I mean, it could be a series. Thank you very much. I could just it could be, you know, on and on forever.

Dan Gardner  30:14 

One has been on Sci Fi. And a pretty good

Amber Tresca  30:18 

Yes. Yeah. Yeah, that one was a bit. All right. Dan, I have to ask you a question.

Dan Gardner  30:24 

We could go on for another hour talking about dude. Now

Amber Tresca  30:27 

I know we look you get to do nerds together. And like, that’s a whole podcast.

Amber Tresca  30:31 

I say. Like, if I ever started another podcast, it’ll be about Dune and bourbon. And that’ll be the show and we will go on for hundreds of episodes.

Dan Gardner  30:40 

So I guess I guess for your your listeners, we could probably say like, okay, when they start talking about doing that’s the pee time to podcast.

Amber Tresca  30:51 

Maybe I should do pee times for my show. That’s hilarious.

Amber Tresca  30:54 

But we all have our favorite, you know, bad movies, right?

Dan Gardner  31:00 

Oh, yeah.

Amber Tresca  31:01 

I don’t think it’s a bad movie. The David Lynch Dune. Oh, literally one of my favorite movies ever. I love it. I love it so much. Even though it honestly it’s as far as how the book goes and the source material. It’s kind of like a handshake. It’s not really, you know, it’s close enough. It’s fine. But the cast amazing from beginning to end the acting. It’s beautiful. The music the score. I love it. I’ve met a lot of people in my life who hate that movie who?

Dan Gardner  31:37 

I’m not one of them.

Amber Tresca  31:38 

Okay, good. All right, then we really can be friends. Um, so but what what is your movie that’s like that. What is a movie that people don’t like, but you absolutely love it. Besides Dune.

Dan Gardner  31:50 

I’m gonna say The Core. Yeah, my guilty pleasures genre is disaster movies. I I’m a total science nerd. And I absolutely just rip 65 to shreds, because science is abysmal. But it’s bad for no good reason. The core is a movie about scientists who have to go to the core of the earth and restart it spinning. Long story short, right?

Amber Tresca  32:18 


Dan Gardner  32:18 

But I love it because the scientists are the heroes. And they’re just average. You know, they’re not buff. They’re not. Chris Evans, scientists. It’s Aaron Eckhart and Stanley Tucci. You know it these guys. And they’re heroes and stuff. And it’s like, I really loved it. Good tongue in cheek with unobtainium. Anybody who like craps on that movie? Because oh my god, there was of course, like, okay, yeah, teleporting in Star Trek is realistic.

Dan Gardner  32:46 

I’m sorry. My feeling on the matter is, if you need something to make the story work, knock yourself out. Yeah. You know, if you can’t afford, because, you know, the transporter was introduced, because they couldn’t afford the prop to make the ship. So like the little landing cruiser, right? Like, ah, what can we do cheap? Oh, how about we just make them be there. Okay, that works.

Dan Gardner  33:14 

But you know, if you if you need to do something, to tell the story, you got to go to the core of the Earth. Sure, make up a material that gets stronger, the more pressure it’s under that works, you know, because you need to go to the core of the Earth for the story to work. But along the way, they introduce, you know, molten worms that live in the earth. I’m kind of flashing back to dune. So like, imagine like some molten dune worm and the core of the Earth. It’s like, okay, guys, that that was, that was ridiculous. You didn’t need that, to make the story interesting. When I, when I really kind of get down on science fiction for messing up the science when they don’t have to?

Amber Tresca  33:55 

Yeah, I agree. Unfortunately, Dan, we’ve come to the end, even though we could talk about this for many hours more.

Dan Gardner  34:05 

But I want you to make it a trilogy.

Amber Tresca  34:08 

You know what? But I want to make sure like your app. I don’t think it’s hard to find because it’s called RunPee. But would you let everybody know where you can be found across the interwebs?

Dan Gardner  34:22 

Yeah. So I think the easiest way to get to the app is just go to And there’s gonna be two little buttons up there for iOS and Android. Or you can just go to your your app of choice, you know, for the Play Store iTunes and search for RunPee. And I guarantee it will show up.

Amber Tresca  34:43 

Nice and easy to find. That’s one of the many things I love about it. Dan, I knew we would get along. And I really appreciate you taking the time to come on my show and explain about your app and the genesis of it, which I’ve always wondered about. It has been so impactful for my life and so helpful to me Me, personally, and I do tell people about it all the time. So thank you so much for joining me.

Dan Gardner  35:06 

Oh, I can’t tell you how much we appreciate that. That that is our bread and butter is bands, sharing it with friends and family, people in line at the movie theater people sitting next to him in the movie theater. That’s, you know, that’s how we spread. We try to provide a good service and we’re here. If you have a problem with the app or a feature that you think that we could make it better for you. Yeah, let us know. It’s your app. We’re just managing it.

Amber Tresca  35:33 

Oh, I love that. Thanks, Dan.

Amber Tresca  35:40 

Hey, super listener.

[MUSIC: About IBD Dance Party]

Amber Tresca  35:41 

Thanks to Dan Gardner for sharing some behind the scenes information about RunPee and of course, for creating the app in the first place. Because I love it. I encourage you to download RunPee and take a look around and if you pop into the Discord server, you’ll get even more information including movie reviews

Amber Tresca  36:00 

Links to a written transcript, everyone’s social media handles and more information on the topics we discussed is in the show notes. And on my episode 132 page on about

Amber Tresca  36:12 

You can follow me, Amber Tresca, across all social media as About IBD. Thanks for listening, and remember, until next time, I want you to know more about IBD.

Amber Tresca  36:26 

About IBD is a production of Mal and Tal Enterprises. It is written, produced and directed by me, Amber Tresca.

Amber Tresca  36:34 

Mix and sound design is by Mac Cooney.

Amber Tresca  36:37 

Theme music is from Cooney Studio.

Dan Gardner  36:42 

No, we’re really good man. We really I think we could probably sit down and you’re gonna have a bourbon ant talk for hours about movies.

Amber Tresca  36:55 


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