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Is Diarrhea Funny - About IBD

Is Diarrhea Funny?

A search of my computer shows that I’ve written on the topic of diarrhea several times already. It’s a recurring theme every few years, usually after a news event.

The latest circumstance, as I write this, is an incident that occurred on a flight between Atlanta and Barcelona in early September 2023. Reportedly, a passenger had diarrhea that was concerning enough to be considered a biohazard. According to CNN and other sources, the flight turned around after a few hours and went back to Atlanta. (CNN)

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About IBD Podcast Episode 116

About IBD Episode 116 – How to Be Happy & Healthy With IBD: The Psychosocial Impact of IBD

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis affect the whole person. We talk about how it causes inflammation in the digestive tract, but really it affects not only our bodies, but also our emotions, our families, our work, and our social lives.

There are tools available to address the psychosocial impact of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Learn what’s available to you from Dr Jessica Naftaly, a GI behavioral health fellow at the University of Michigan and Amy Bugwadia, higher education coordinator for Generation Patient, Teaching Assistant at Stanford University School of Medicine, ulcerative colitis patient, and key opinion leader in the IBD community.

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About IBD Podcast Episode 113 – How to Be Happy & Healthy With IBD: Tips for Navigating Health Insurance

People who live with chronic illness don’t get training on how to deal with health insurance. Yet it is a major part of living with conditions such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. Plus, it not only affects patients living with IBD, but our doctors and other healthcare providers are also frustrated and overburdened with dealing with red tape such as prior authorizations. Dr Shubha Bhat, a gastroenterology clinical pharmacist at the Cleveland Clinic and Jaime Holland, who is a healthcare activist and Crohn’s disease patient tell me how they handle health insurance complications and what we can do to change the system.

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About IBD - Do You Have a Roadmap for Your Ulcerative Colitis

Do You Have a Roadmap for Your Ulcerative Colitis?

One of the biggest hurdles in getting a diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is first in understanding that the symptoms aren’t normal. They’re not from a virus or a parasitic infection — they go on for too long for it to be from those causes. 

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About IBD Podcast Episode 86 - Double Baggin' It With Joe and Danielle

About IBD Podcast Episode 86 – Double Baggin’ It With Joe and Danielle

Did an IBD diagnosis change the direction of your life? For Danielle Golden and Joe Teeters, being diagnosed as a young adult had a profound influence on their lives. The plans they had for their lives were derailed, but they only met, formed a strong friendship, and founded Double Baggin’ It because of their IBD. Learn more about their disease journeys, how they met, and how they use humor to raise awareness of IBD and ostomy life both inside and outside the IBD community.

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