About IBD Episode 17 - When IBD Gets Married

About IBD Podcast Episode 17 – When IBD Gets Married With Jaime Weinstein

Getting married is a joyful time in one’s life. Until you have to bring your IBD along when you shop for your wedding dress, that is. Learn how Crohn’s disease affected Jaime’s perceptions about body image throughout her life and how it all culminated in a trip to a bridal shop that left her angry and frustrated. Plus, we share our best tips for making the dress shopping, and eventual wedding day dress wearing, go more smoothly if IBD decides to make make an appearance.

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The Bridal Buddy, the slip that saves your dress in the bathroom:

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2 thoughts on “About IBD Podcast Episode 17 – When IBD Gets Married With Jaime Weinstein

  1. Curtis

    I didn’t exactly have to shop for a wedding dress (being a guy having IBD at the time I got married) – I can imagine how that could be horrible very easily. I had my own worries – noisy interruptions from my small bowel resection during the ceremony being the main immediate worry, being able to support my new family being the major long-term one – but nothing like wedding dress shopping.

    1. ambert Post author

      I didn’t shop, either, but there were plenty of bridesmaids’ dresses that I had to be fitted for! I got married about 6 months after final j-pouch surgery reconnection and it was an uncertain time for so many reasons. Having more control over my body than before yet less control than healthy people do was a big challenge at the time but we rolled with it and all was well in the end!


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